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We are pleased that you have taken this opportunity to review the contents of our sponsorship program and to evaluate how Route 1 Velo can help you achieve a greater marketing presence. Our high success rate for attracting new sponsors, enabling us to sign on 10 new sponsors for 2004 and 2 additional sponsors for 2007, is a testament to our level of commitment to our sponsors, who are an extremely important and invaluable part of our teams' viability. We are proud of this fact.

A Win-Win Situation

Route 1 Velo is a cycling organization comprised of a close knit group of serious competitive cyclists who place high value on both our sponsors and our sport. Further to this point, at Route 1 Velo, we consider your sponsorship a privilege that is not taken lightly and we work hard to project our team and organization in a first class and professional manner at all times. The support of our sponsors is invaluable to help sustain our growth, allowing us to run our organization smoothly. It literally affords us the opportunity to effectively promote our events throughout the racing season. At Route 1 Velo, we are committed to a total team environment and work well together to give real meaning to the phrase: "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

What Your Sponsorship Dollars Allow Us To Do

The following points define what your sponsorship dollars allow us to do within our organization, as well as to create greater awareness and recognition for you:

  • We will post a weblink directly to your website on our new Route1Velo.com website, which will also display a full color image of your company logo and related sponsor text to describe your products and/or services.
  • We will place your logo alongside those from all of our other sponsors, in large format, on our 6ft. x 3ft. banner that will be a backdrop from our team tent that houses the registration table for each training series race, or we can display one of your own small banners.
  • We will provide further visibility by placing for distribution any of your promotional and/or advertising material on our sponsor product table at our weekly training series. The product table will be located adjacent to the registration table near the start/finish line. Your sponsorship dollars help us to promote and run our training series and help to ensure its success from year to year.
  • We will place your logo on our team kits (jerseys, wind jackets) on both the front and back of each team piece that displays sponsor logos. We proudly wear our team kits during all races, training rides and weekly shop rides. Some of your sponsorship dollars will assist us in defraying the cost to order new team kits necessary to display the business logos of our newest sponsors.
  • We will work to network you with our other sponsors that we believe would benefit from a relationship with your group. This potentially provides yet another reason for sponsorship, being an added venue for creative marketing to help our valuable sponsors.
  • We will be taking part in our yearly bike rodeo along with Capitol Hill Bikes, where we will be educating children on bicycle safety and proper cycling techniques. At this clinic we will also be handing out, free of charge, bike helmets to underprivileged children of the inner city that we will obtain at cost from the shop. Some of your sponsorship dollars will go toward funding this community service cause.
  • You will be given a non-competitor exclusive for the duration of the sponsorship, to ensure that no conflict of interest develops. We view it as a non-negotiable obligation on our part and an important show of support and loyalty to all of our sponsors for their commitment.
  • As a token of our appreciation for your sponsorship financial commitment, we will give you one team jersey, which showcases all of our sponsor logos and a team photo.
  • We can also discuss the possibility of featuring your product/services in some manner as mid-race prizes (primes) throughout our training series or as part of the grand prize


Our Route 1 Velo team each year promotes the Greenbelt National Park Training Race Series, which takes place each Wednesday night for 16 weeks, and lays claim to being the "oldest active training series in the nation." Arrow Bicycle, our title sponsor, opened by our own Chris "Pummler" Davidson and Chris "Boot" Militello are glad to be on board and allways support the clubs growth. Our association with the shop provides our team with "a home away from home" opportunity to be a part of a unique cycling culture, not to mention the fact that our bikes are in perfect race form from week to week. Arrow Bicycle, together with our Greenbelt Park Training Race Series, constitutes the backbone of our team.

Our Ultimate Sponsorship Goal

We look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss implementing strategies that will bring greater awareness for your products and/or services. Our ultimate sponsorship goal is to create value for your company, no matter how you choose to define it. We have been successful in amassing an eclectic group of local and national sponsors because we make every feasible effort to customize the sponsorship proposal to ensure that your association with our Route 1 Velo team is meaningful and for the long term.

Contact Info

If you would like to further discuss opportunities to sponsor the Route 1 Velo team, please contact us via email and be sure to include your phone number and the best time to call you.

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