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Results for the Greenbelt Park Training Race of 8/26 and final 2015 series standings have been posted.

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Wednesday evenings, May 6 through June 24 and July 8 through August 20, 2015. July 1 is an optional makeup date; the race may be held on this date at the promoter's discretion. Special Road Development Race Series (RDRS) races for boys and girls racing age 9-12 will be held on the following dates: May 20, June 17, July 22, and August 19, 2015.


Greenbelt Park [Greenbelt, MD on Rt. 193 near Kenilworth Ave.] See "Directions" page.

Race Categories

RaceCategoriesStartDist./TimeField LimitFeePrize List
CM5, W4, Jr.6:00 PM30 min.40$13.00Merch./gift card primes/prizes weekly.
RDRSJr. 9-126:01 PM2 laps40$10.00Medals, top 3 boys & girls
AM1/2/3, W1/2/36:40 PM19-24 laps50$18.00$275/160/65 for the series, merch./gift card primes/prizes weekly
BM4/5, W3/46:41 PM15-20 laps50$18.00$275/160/65 for the series, merch./gift card primes/prizes weekly.

Entry of Cat. 5 Men in the B race is at the discretion of the Promoter and/or Chief Referee. The fee for Juniors (racing age 9-18) is $10 for all races. Juniors may enter the B or A races only if they have attained an appropriate Category. See also "Release Form", below. Note: RDRS races will take place only on the dates specified above.

Course Map / Profile

Course / Format

The course is a 1.4 mile loop with 1 corner on the perimeter roadway of the Park. The centerline rule is in effect. Start times and distances may vary depending on course conditions and the Chief Referee and/or Park Rangers' discretion. The race format may change with the approval of the Promoter and the Chief Referee. Riders may enter only one race each week. For all races, riders who are out of contention may be pulled from the course at the discretion of the Chief Referee.

The A & B races are run concurrently, with an initial separation of 1 minute. When one of the races overtakes the other, the race being overtaken must neutralize, and must keep as far the right of the roadway as possible. Riders in the race being overtaken may not take pace from the overtaking race.

The race will be held unless course conditions are deemed unsafe by the Promoter, Chief Referee or Park Rangers. If rain is forecast for Wednesday afternoon or evening, advance notice of race cancellations will be given by 4PM that day, and will be available via the contact information below. All USA Cycling rules apply. Held under USA Cycling permit 2015-1109.

Warmup: All racers are encouraged to bring a trainer and warm up in the parking lot prior to their race. On-course warmup is not allowed once the C race has begun staging at the start line.


The top 5 riders for each A and B race will be given points toward an overall series placing. The points awarded on a weekly basis are 10/7/5/3/1 for 1st through 5th places. Field size determines the weight of each point earned on a given day. If the field is smaller than 20 riders, the points are weighted by one-half; if the field is 40 or more riders, the points are weighted double. The series points leaders each week will be identifiable by special jerseys, which are to be returned upon completion of the evening’s race. At the end of the series, the top 3 riders in both the A & B series will be awarded prizes in the form of Arrow Bicycle gift cards, and the overall winners will be given the points leader jerseys to keep.

For the C race, weekly primes & prizes in the form of tokens from College Park Car Wash, gift cards from Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar, or Greenbelt Park Training Race logo water bottles are awarded. The same items are also awarded as primes and/or prizes for the A & B races.

There will also be a special “King of the Mountains” competition in the A, B, and C races. Riders who wish to take part in the competition are responsible for uploading data from their devices to Post-race, the Promoter will review rider data posted to the Strava website, and will select the fastest posted time for each of the three fields over a predetermined Strava segment comprising the uphill part of the course. The rider selected from each field will be provided a special polka-dot jersey (similar to the Tour de France climber’s jersey) at registration the following week to wear in the race. The jersey is to be returned upon completion of the evening’s race. At the first race of the following month, the rider holding the fastest posted time for the segment in the previous month is awarded the jersey as a prize to keep.

Release Form

USA Cycling requires that all riders sign a completed release form on the first date they race in the series; this single release is valid for the entire series. The form will be printed at the registration table for riders who do not bring their own; however, the Promoter encourages all riders to fill in the release form on their own computers, print, and sign before coming to their first race. The form is available online in Adobe Reader PDF format at [].

Junior riders under the calendar age of 18 MUST have their release form co-signed by a parent or legal guardian.


Results will be posted at the race, on this website, and uploaded to []. Generally, the internet posting will occur the night of the race, and will be announced on the Google MABRA-USCF group (link below).

Contact Info

In the event of uncertain weather conditions on race day, call the Route 1 Velo hotline at 301.220.1253 for On/Off status; the message will be updated by 4PM. Status will also be posted by 4PM to the front page of this website, to the Google MABRA-USCF email discussion group at [] and to the Greenbelt Park Training Race page on Facebook. Lastly, status will also be posted to Twitter: you can have a text message delivered directly to your mobile device by following @greenbeltrace

Questions (other than race on/off status) may be directed to the Promoter at:

Jeff Travis

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